16th Dutch-Belgian Information Retrieval Workshop hosted by Beeld en Geluid

.The 16th edition of the Dutch-Belgian Information Retrieval workshop (DIR2017) will take place on Friday 24th of November at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (“Beeld en Geluid“).

The DIR workshop series aims to serve as an international platform (with a special focus on the Netherlands and Belgium) for exchange and discussions on research & applications in the field of information retrieval as well as related fields.

The host of this year’s DIR, Beeld en Geluid, is one of the Dutch institutions participating in CLARIAH, a Dutch project that is developing a shared research infrastructure for the arts and humanities. This infrastructure enables scholars to engage in data science and data critique using large multimedia collections deposited at Dutch archives, heritage institutes, and research institutes. As this infrastructure faces a wide range of information retrieval related challenges, we aim to discuss some of these challenges at the workshop during a special session, in addition to the many other IR topics researchers are working on in Belgium and The Netherlands.

See the call for papers if you are interested to submit new or recently published work, or if you are able to share applications and prototypes that demonstrate advances or challenges with respect to IR topics, especially (but not limited to) the area of research infrastructures for the social sciences and humanities.


  • Roeland Ordelman (Beeld en Geluid, UTwente)
  • Marijn Koolen (Huygens ING)
  • Djoerd Hiemstra (UTwente)
  • Dolf Trieschnigg (UTwente, Mydatafactory)


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